May 31, 2014
Planet Express Crew Starts the Mayhem June 4th

This Wednesday June 4th we are looking to kick off activity on the East Coast Hawken server for some 12 on 12 Mech action. Offically I've posted the event to the Hawken Reddit as starting at 8 PM. But I'd advise that people show up early to make sure they get a spot in the Mayhem server as it may get crowded quickly.

May 21, 2014
Tactical Night Moved to Saturday

To better deal with the coming Vanu invasion this weekend we've decied to move our tactical night to Saturday this week. We'll be starting tactical operations to coutner the Vanu at 9PM as per usual. However show up ealier in the day for free form Vanu tear collection.


Double XP for members all weekend.

May 19, 2014
Farm the Vanu Weekend

An alliance of Vanu has decided that this weekend they are going to take all three continents. VREV DAWN D3RP XOO ARZR SOVU SEDA LDEN PBRO will all be involved. No I don't know who those last four outfits are either! So let’s get our Vanu farm on this weekend and crush their spandex wearing dreams and show them the beauty of NC Freedom!


Also double XP for members this weekend!

April 30, 2014
SOE All access pass

For those who may have missed it SOE has changed their memebership to an all access pass. Your no longer a member of just planetside, but also DC Universe Online, the Everquest games including the upcoming everquest Landmark. You also now get 10% off items in the shops for all of these games as well as other memebership perks.


Till May 11th you can get a year of memebership for $99.99 that is $8.34 a month! During that year you get 500 SC a month, 50% more XP and resources, 48 passive certs per day. Member only sales, Member Only Double XP weekeneds, Priority Log in and more!


Bottom line it's a great deal and a good way to support the game if you haven't yet.

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April 26, 2014
We are Gaming Hedons at PXP!

PXP members play many different game. While we all love Planetside 2 we also are looking forward as an outfit to Star Citzen coming out next year. We all play other games. Be they Warframe, Minecraft, Hawken, or Elder Scrolls. Make sure to check out the Gaming Hedonism forum to see if anyone else in the outfit wants to play with you on your new favorite game. Feel free to make use of the Game Rooms in mumble. Should they all be full ask a leader to make you a custom tem room.

March 3, 2014
PXP Quick Tip- Knife for Your Life!

At 625 damage a hit the knife can end a fight that you would otherwise lose waiting to fire an inaccuate weapon or slow firing weapon at close range. Make sure your comfortable with you knife button and rebind it or others controls if necessary. You don't want to change guns accidently moving the mouse wheel during a fight. PXP has the number one NC knife fighter on Waterson. Execute them like Epix!


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February 27, 2014
PXP Quick Tips- Bring the BOOM!!!!

Remember you can mix up your explosives for a more effecitive BOOM! Place down a bouncing betty and then a C4 on top and flack armor will be highly ineffective. Tankmine+C4 and you'll see enemy tanks no more.

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