Prize Giveaway Rules, Restrictions

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Prize Giveaway Rules, Restrictions

Post#1 » Thu Dec 26, 2013 2:28 pm

Event Night Prizes

On our community event nights we will often give away a prize to PXP members. The winner of the fun event is usually (not always) awarded a prize of some type. In order to be eligible for this prize there are a few requirements:

1. Use of our Mumble voice server. (Details here)
2. Register on the Mumble server. (Right click on your name > Register)
3. Join the PXP forums.
4. For Star Citizen, you have to have our Org set as your "Main" organization.

There are a few restrictions also:

1. No player may win an Event Night prize more than once in a three week period.
2. Must not be on probation period.
2. Minors (17 and younger) and individuals living outside of North America may have their prizes converted into a different prize of similar value to the actual prize. This is for legal and cost of shipping reasons.

Player of the Month Prize

A large prize may be given to a Player of the Month. This prize has similar requirements to the event night prizes but is based on more subjective terms as determined by the leadership.

Special Event Prize Giveaways

PXP may hold Special Events throughout the year in which prizes may be given out. These events will have their own set of rules and restrictions. Keep your eyes and ears open for information on these events.

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