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[PXP] Member Rules

Post#1 » Sun Feb 17, 2013 2:08 pm

This is posted in the public forum so that everyone knows the rules that Planet Express Crew players are expected to live up to. If you see a member breaking any of these rules then please let one of the Executive Delivery Boys know in a private message on this board or in game.

  • First and main rule, don't be a douche.

  • No use of hacks, exploits, or glitches will be tolerated. Just do not do it even to get back at another hacker. Automatic ban if you are caught.

  • We do not allow revenge killing or team killing of other players. If there is a problem you should report it in game or if the offender is from another organization allow PXP leadership to report it to the appropriate organization leaders. Our reputation is very important to us, and we'd rather die as the most honorable organization than live as the scum of the game.

  • Racist, homophobic, or sexist slurs and jokes are not tolerated. If your use of these terms results in a complaint then we'll take action to curb your behavior up to and including banning from the organization and servers. You don't know where people are coming from and our fairly open recruiting policy guarantees that there are people of every race, sexual orientation, and political persuasion within this group. We want this to be a place to enjoy gaming with each other and avoid confrontations. In short, show respect to other players and make this a place anyone can virtually murder each other enjoyably.

  • While cursing in the voice channels is allowed, excessive abuse directed at another player or member in voice chat will not be tolerated. Common sense tells you where the line is, don't cross it.

  • When using Mumble keep in mind the other people online. If there are four people online then it's okay if we hear you speaking 1/4th of the time. If there are 20 people on and we are hearing you 1/4th the time, then there is likely a problem. Try to be concise in Mumble, we don't need to hear the same thing repeatedly.

  • During operations, we try to avoid long weapon/vehicle loadout conversations in Mumble. If it can't be answered in 5 seconds, please use the forum or go to another Mumble channel with people who want to talk about it.

  • Only Hypnotoads and Executive Delivery Boys are authorized to talk on in game command channels representing Planet Express Crew to other organizations or leaders. A Hypnotoad or Executive Delivery Boy may authorize a lower ranked player to use command channels in some cases. Otherwise members are restricted to listening only.

  • After joining PXP you will be set on a two week probationary period. This period is for us to make sure your able to follow the rules and conduct standards of Planet Express Crew. At the end of this two weeks you'll be considered a full member of PXP. If members are found during this period to be not following rules they will first be contacted by an organization leader and we'll work to correct the behavior. If it is found during this time that rules are being violated and no improvements are being made you shall be removed from PXP and the leaders will dine on your tears in the Planet Express Board Room. We reserve the right to extend the probation period when seen fit to give you a chance to demonstrate you can fit with our community.

  • Planet Express Crew will host event nights on a regular basis. To be qualified to win event night prizes you must be out of probation, register and be on Mumble, and be in general good standing with the organization. No repeat winners until two Organization nights have passed. Star Citizen players must be have PXP set as their "main" organization to be eligible for (most) prizes.

  • During PXP operations time (generally 8pm until Midnight Eastern time) you are expected to play with the us if you are online and a member of the in game organization. If you do decide to play with another organization during prime time for some reason you should not be fighting against our team or allies. Consistently refusing to join our operations and our squads during nightly ops will lead to eventual removal from the organization.

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