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PXP Birthday Party on Feb 6th

Posted: Sun Feb 02, 2020 11:20 am
by Flexo
Please join us for our 7th birthday party on Thursday, February 6th. The event begins at 9:30pm Eastern US time, 6:30pm Pacific, and 2:30am UTC.

There will be contests and prizes including a "door prize" open to everyone hanging out on Mumble.

We will likely play a bit of Star Citizen but please download Planetside 2 and create a blue team character (NC) on the Emerald server. Unless you already have such a character.

If your Planetside character is new, please go through the tutorial that is mandatory before you can join a team.

Ask me or one of the other long-term members if you need help with PS2. I hope to see you at our birthday party.