Rivals Gameplay

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Rivals Gameplay

Post#1 » Thu Dec 03, 2020 9:15 pm

Star Citizen Rivals

1) Two Team Captains are chosen
2) Captains take turns choosing members
3) Each team may spawn one vessel for every four people participating
4) No ships or persons may respawn unless destroyed by SC bugs
5) No inventory may be altered once Rivals begins
6) Teams should track their wins/losses and points
7) At end of each quarter winning teams should be rewarded based on points

Objectives Normal/Long
1) Each team must earn 15,000/30,000 UEC Through Space missions
2) Each team must earn 10,000/20,000 UEC Through Hand mining
3) Each team must earn 20,000/40,000 UEC Through Ground missions

Once a team has completed its objectives they will hunt down and attempt to capture or destroy the other team regardless of their current task. Only remaining ships may participate. Trailing team must reveal their location if asked.

Points Matrix Destroyed Capture Survived
Vehicle Any 0 1 0
Small 1-3 Crew 1 2 2
Heavy 1-3 Crew 1 3 1
Medium 2-4 Crew 2 3 1
Large 2-6 Crew 3 5 0
Capital 2-12 Crew 5 8 0

First to complete all tasks 10 Points
Boarded Enemy Vessel Medium+ 5 Points
Amazing moment 5 Points (If everyone is talking about it after)

Good Hunting

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