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Join The PXP Crew!

    The easiest way to join Planet Express Crew [PXP], is to connect with us through our Mumble voice chat. Use of Mumble is required during community events so you might as well set it up now.

  • Connect your microphone.
  • Click the Mumble link above (the little circular gray icon) or this link: MUMBLE
  • If you have Mumble set up it will auto join you to our server.
  • If you don't have Mumble yet then you can download it from the official Mumble page.
  • Go through the Audio Setup Wizard and set it for Push to talk.
  • Join with your in-game player name.
  • If you're joining us to play Star Citizen, follow these steps to join the PXP organization:
  • Make sure you're logged in to the site.
  • Go to our organization page by clicking on this link:
  • Click the Join us now! button.
  • Join the Mumble chat and ask anyone for the password for the PXP forums then check out the "Earthicans Unite" forum for Star Citizen talk.

Latest Transmissions

The Space Stations of Star Citizen - STLYoungblood Video

By Flexo on 21 Mar 2017

Star Citizen: Summarize the Verse - 3.0 Careers 10FTC - STLYoungblood Video

By Ian747474 on 16 Mar 2017

Star Citizen: Summarize the Verse (3/10/17) - STLYoungblood Video

By Ian747474 on 11 Mar 2017

Star Citizen: Summarize the Verse (3/4/17) - STLYoungblood Video

By Ian747474 on 04 Mar 2017

1,500 Members in the Star Citizen Organization!

We've just crossed the line to have 1,500 members in our Star Citizen Organization! Thanks to all of you helping to welcome the new members and bringing your friends into the best gaming community in this particular universe.

By Flexo on 03 Mar 2017

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