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Join The PXP Crew!

    The easiest way to join Planet Express Crew [PXP], is to connect with us through our Mumble voice chat. Use of Mumble is required during community events so you might as well set it up now.

  • Connect your microphone.
  • Click the Mumble link above (the little circular gray icon) or this link: MUMBLE
  • If you have Mumble set up it will auto join you to our server.
  • If you don't have Mumble yet then you can download it from the official Mumble page.
  • Go through the Audio Setup Wizard and set it for Push to talk.
  • Join with your in-game player name.
  • If you're joining us to play Star Citizen, follow these steps to join the PXP organization:
  • Make sure you're logged in to the site.
  • Go to our organization page by clicking on this link:
  • Click the Join us now! button.
  • Join the Mumble chat and ask anyone for the password for the PXP forums then check out the "Earthicans Unite" forum for Star Citizen talk.

Latest Transmissions

PXP CONTEST: Guess the Star Citizen 3.0 Release Date. Win a Nox Two-Pack!



- Guess the date that Star Citizen 3.0 will be released to the regular backers. Please use the format of: "Month, Date, Year" as in "September 16, 2017"
- The release date will be verified as the timestamp on the official post made by RSI (converted to the Eastern US time zone) on the Spectrum Announcements category (not any preannounced "Hey, it's live" posts by the community.
- In the event of a tie (a likely event), the winner will be chosen by random number generation from those with the correct date picked.
- If no one picks the correct date we will take the closest entries to the exact date before or after (so one day off may still be a win).
- You may enter only ONCE. We will be verifying the winner and will choose an alternate if there is a consensus of our leadership of someone "gaming" the contest or cheating.
- The contest is open to everyone and no preference will be given to members of the PXP. But a PXP member may well be the winner.
- By agreeing to enter you give up all rights to question the determination of the winner and the decisions of PXP.
- Any other details or decisions about this contest not specified at this time will be at the sole discretion of the Planet Express Crew (PXP) leadership (Hypnotoads). Note, we are pretty relaxed and if the contest becomes too complicated due to cheating or entry bots we may cancel it and offer an alternative contest or no contest at all. Don't spoil it for everyone by being a douchebag.


There are a few ways to enter. Yes, your email is needed to notify you of a prize but aside from a confirmation email from the Gleam site and winner notification, we will not be using the emails collected for anything (we won't really look at them except to maybe verify cheating/gaming the system).


- Enter your guess along with a valid email.
- Twitter Follow of @PXPOfficial will enter you for a second drawing of a $25 RSI gift card..
- Youtube - Watching our recruitment video will get you another entry for the $25 gift card.


The Gleam contest system may automatically select a random "winner" as it is not designed for this exact type of contest. You are to disregard any generated emails that say you have won unless verified by PXP. We will email you a personal note if you win. This is our first time using this contest system and we're on the clunky free version.

The prize is a Two-Pack of the Aopoa Nox as sold on the RSI website. This will be delivered in "gift" form. You will need to have an active RSI/Star Citizen account to accept this prize. You will need to convey the account name to us so that the prize can be transferred. We will also give out a $25 RSI gift card to a randomly chosen person that has followed us on Twitter and/or viewed our recruitment video (via the link in the contest entry page).

We reserve the right to alter the prizes to a similar one of equal or greater value ($65 USD) at any time during the contest. If RSI changes the gifting system or it is not available within one week of the end of the contest we will contact the winner to make a good faith effort to provide a similar prize value.

By Flexo on 02 Jul 2017

What's coming in Star Citizen Alpha 3.0

Great video to catch up if you haven't been following SC.
By Ian747474 on 01 Jul 2017

Summarize the Verse (6/29/17) - STLYoungblood video

By Ian747474 on 01 Jul 2017

Should you buy the Nox? - STLYoungblood Video

By Flexo on 23 Jun 2017

Plugable Performance Mouse Review - STLYoungblood Video

The mouse is developed in part by QUEEEZ, one of our org members.
By Ian747474 on 15 Jun 2017

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