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Summarize the Verse (5/11 & 5/18/17) - STLYoungblood Video

By Ian747474 on 23 May 2017

Star Citizen: The Best Mid-Tier Cargo Ships - STLYoungblood Video

By Flexo on 19 May 2017

On Star Citizen Marketing

Good response to the critics of Star Citizen marketing from a Marketing professional:

Link to the thread here:

Marketing Professional Response

They are getting better at it each month. They are very successful in their endeavors
Their google analytics of traffic to their site, twitch, YouTube, etc; is being used to great effect. They are sculpting content to how and what people watch in relation to purchases. The tough pill to swallow for backers is this: it doesn't matter how much the community doesn't like something in relation to their marketing efforts if it isn't causing disruptions in their cash flow in relation to their sales.

Star Citizen is so large now in its backers that it is likely and noticeable (from my perspective as a marketer) that they are now focused on getting the money they need to hire the right amount of staff and not entirely on backer satisfaction. In the past, the public was this giant mountain that they needed to climb to get funding, now its CIG that is the mountain and to be honest...they don't need us as much as they use to. I believe it was JK Rowling who got a tweet from a disgruntled reader on her new book, in which case JK Rowling replied "go ahead and burn the book, I have your money already." While that may be a basic and harsh relation, I think we as backers need to realize CIG is a business and Chris Roberts is great, but I guarantee him, Sandi, and his business partner care more about finishing the game than they do making everyone happy right now.

They are basing their marketing/fundraising decisions on data now, not on the good graces of the backers. Doesn't matter how much we complain on reddit or the forums, the data will tell them what they need to do to make money and keep the lights on, not angry threads.

Also, I laugh at the whole "are they running out of money?" ideology. Let me say this without going into too much complicated detail: there is no large stack of money where our backer dollars are guys. Given these are private donations to Chris Roberts and not specifically an investment, CIG is likely ( highly highly likely) using our dollars in investments outside of game development to raise even more funds. If we were investors for a capital company, they couldn't do this without notifying us, but rest assured the total amount of funding CIG has is much much higher than that numerical value you see on the funds page. I won't go into specifics on that because it will take a lot of educating on the subject that reddit readers may have difficulty grasping (no offense meant at all).

Backer view: It makes me slightly upset because I want cheaper ships with more content being delivered first, and I do feel kind of nickel and dimed from CIG recently. Will my opinion as a backer (one that is shared by many backers from what I have gathered) change things? Hell no, they are going to keep doing it, because their strategy is working.
CCU $5 upgrades. Of course they knew that would make people upset, they aren't idiots. It just doesn't matter that those people are upset because we will keep buying ships.
By Flexo on 15 May 2017

Why not to conduct piracy alone! - STLYoungblood Video

By Ian747474 on 09 May 2017

Upgrading From Your Starter Ship! - STLYoungblood Video

This video should be helpful to a large number of members.

By Flexo on 07 May 2017

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