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STL's "Summarize the Verse"

By Ian747474 on 04 Nov 2016

STL Video: Patron Sponsored Freelancer Giveaway!

By Ian747474 on 03 Nov 2016

STLYoungblood Video: Dakka Dakka

By Flexo on 28 Oct 2016

STL's Loadout Series

The first in the series where STL gives you his view on loadouts, ship by ship.
By Hellsong on 26 Oct 2016

1,400 Members in the Star Citizen Organization

We just crossed the 1,400 member mark in the number we have signed up in the PXP Star Citizen Org. We are still growing it out so that we can support around the clock operations. Please get your friends signed up for Star Citizen if you can. We'd love to have more great members.

Thanks to all of you helping to recruit and make this the most friendly and active Org in the SC Universe!
By Flexo on 21 Oct 2016

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Join our Star Citizen Organization

Ship owner/operators as well as entry level delivery folk are all welcome to our ever growing Star Citizen Organization! Shoot, even brain slugs are given consideration, so apply today!

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