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1,400 Members in the Star Citizen Organization

We just crossed the 1,400 member mark in the number we have signed up in the PXP Star Citizen Org. We are still growing it out so that we can support around the clock operations. Please get your friends signed up for Star Citizen if you can. We'd love to have more great members.

Thanks to all of you helping to recruit and make this the most friendly and active Org in the SC Universe!
By Flexo on 21 Oct 2016

The Road to CitizenCon - Followup

PXP was very excited for CitizenCon, as any Star Citizen backer should be. What we got, however, left us wanting more along with a few disappointments. Anyone who is invested for the long haul needs to see the progress and understand the value of the time CIG is putting in to this universe to make it happen, including the effort to hold CitizenCon. The general consensus is the demo was amazing and gave us hope for what’s to come. We do wish there was more on Squadron 42, particularly that the progress was further along. Anytime we get a free fly it’s a great opportunity to try ships that may be hiding in the shadows so that we can better plan how our fleet will be at launch. Stay positive and keep flying!
By Hellsong on 19 Oct 2016

Why the Polaris got Torpedoes, STLYoungblood video.

By Flexo on 18 Oct 2016

Star Citizen: Picking the Right Starter Ship: STLYoungblood Video

Great video for those of you new to Star Citizen and confused about the wide choice of ships.

By Flexo on 16 Oct 2016

Star Citizen RtV Special Edition

By Klemorali on 13 Oct 2016

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