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Polaris First Look! Video by Youngblood

By Ian747474 on 08 Oct 2016

New Org-owned Ship - Polaris Corvette!

Thank you so much for those of you that contributed to the drive for the Polaris Corvette. We will be able to field this when we want a big punch on a security or escort mission. It's gonna be a lot of fun.

Remember, that ANY full member will be able to pilot or crew Org ships. You do have to have us as your main Org (not affiliate) to be able to take control of one of our fleet ships.

By Flexo on 07 Oct 2016

Operation Pitchfork Viability: Star Citizen video by STLYoungblood

By Klemorali on 07 Oct 2016

Tarsus Electronics History: Star Citizen video by STLYoungblood

By Flexo on 06 Oct 2016

Interesting Dual Universe Ship Building Video

I found this pretty darn cool. Dual Universe looks to have some very interesting features. If the MMO aspects are well done it looks like something our community would really be into. Check it out.

By Flexo on 05 Oct 2016

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