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What's coming in Star Citizen Alpha 3.0

Great video to catch up if you haven't been following SC.
By Ian747474 on 01 Jul 2017

Summarize the Verse (6/29/17) - STLYoungblood video

By Ian747474 on 01 Jul 2017

Should you buy the Nox? - STLYoungblood Video

By Flexo on 23 Jun 2017

Plugable Performance Mouse Review - STLYoungblood Video

The mouse is developed in part by QUEEEZ, one of our org members.
By Ian747474 on 15 Jun 2017

Star Citizen | Field of View | Current Affairs Show | The Interactive Mode IM Debate

Our fellow member CrimsonTarget put up this impressive current affairs video about Star Citizen. Congrats on your first vid Crimson. Rare that a first effort is such good quality.
By Flexo on 03 Jun 2017

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