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Planetside 2 - Still fun and we're still active.

A group of us is still playing Planetside 2 every night. We are concentrating on only the most fun things so we're running a lot of vehicles and actually playing Terran Republic a lot. the TR vehicles are more fun.

Check out this video that nBurn made of some of our activities.

By Flexo on 10 Jan 2017

Star Citizen: Killed in the Cockpit - STL Video-

By Ian747474 on 06 Jan 2017

Star Citizen: Hornet Gear in 2.6 PSA -STLYoungblood Video

By Ian747474 on 04 Jan 2017

Taking Him Down a Notch - Ownage Video

By Flexo on 01 Jan 2017

Star Citizen Alpha 2.6 Released

A major update for Star Citizen was pushed out the door today. Version 2.6 brings the Star Marine FPS module and many changes for space flight as well. Check out the patch notes here:

Star Citizen 2.6 Path Notes

We will try to get some Org events going in Star Marine and the other modes of play very soon. Have fun!
By Flexo on 23 Dec 2016

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