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Join us for some fun and debauchery playing Star Citizen on Thursday Nights!

THURSDAY 9:30 pm Eastern US / 6:30 pm Pacific US / 2:30 am UTC (that's Friday morning) .

We want as many people to play as possible and we will fill the servers with PXP players doing various fun things. If enough people come we can split up into groups for training, money making, piracy, and other shenanigans.

Please reserve that night for Star Citizen and inform your significant others to bring a steady stream of snacks and beverages. We'll have a great time!

Bring your friends along as this is not just for PXP members.
By Flexo on 21 Jan 2018

How to read your HUD and use Displays! - STLYoungblood Video

By Flexo on 21 Jan 2018

Dropping golf carts from orbit!

By Flexo on 07 Jan 2018

Trading Commodities Guide (make money), STLYoungblood Video

By Flexo on 28 Dec 2017

Happy Holidays from the Planet Express Crew!!

Hope you and yours have all the happiness you can over this holiday season. Happy Holidays!

By Flexo on 24 Dec 2017

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Ship owner/operators as well as entry level delivery folk are all welcome to our ever growing Star Citizen Organization! Shoot, even brain slugs are given consideration, so apply today!

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