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We are having a donation drive to get the community one of the newly announced Pioneer "game changer" ships. If you can help out please contact Flexo or any leader for the email address to send to. We strongly prefer Paypal but we can take RSI gift cards up until Thursday morning.

Thank you very much for the generosity of those that already chipped in. Every little bit helps and it will go to further the fun we'll be having with this game for years. More details in the donation thread on the site forums. As of this writing we are at $490 with a goal of $850 by Thursday.
By Flexo on 24 Oct 2017

Star Citizen: What is the Consolidated Outland Pioneer? STLYoungblood Video

By Ian747474 on 18 Oct 2017

Star Citizen: Around the Verse - 3.0 Alpha Release is Getting Closer!

By Flexo on 13 Oct 2017

Star Citizen 3.0 Releases to Evocati Testing!

So.... yeah... that happened.
By Flexo on 06 Oct 2017

Star Citizen: What is the Origin X1? - STLYoungblood Video

By Ian747474 on 25 Sep 2017

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